Dollar Tree Review: Facial Mask

Dollar Tree Review Facial Mask

So I was wandering around in Dollar Tree, since that’s one of my favorite past times and while I was in the kitchen area I realized I wanted to see if there was a facial mask I could try.  I don’t know why kitchen utensils and sponges reminded me of my desire to have perfect skin.  Of course there was a mask!  I found a facial mask that has Vitamin E and Lavender oil extract.  The front also says that the mask cleanses and conditions.  I have been testing this out for a few weeks and have a few thoughts I want to share.

Like I have mentioned in another post, my skin is normal to combination.  I have dry places on my face, like my nose, and oily places like my forehead and chin.  I don’t have acne besides random zits but I do like masks to improve the texture of my skin.  So when I read cleansing and conditioning I was definitely interested!

Dollar Tree Review - Face Mask - textureThe consistency seems thick initially but when it’s rubbed all over the skin it’s actually not that thick.  I wouldn’t use the word thin, but it’s easy to spread across the skin.  The directions on the back of the bottle say to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes.  It doesn’t set or dry on the face and feels slightly cooling when applied.  And I don’t think that’s due to a specific ingredient but due to putting something wet on the face…if that makes sense.

The directions on the back of the bottle are:

Apply masque to face, avoiding eyes and lips.  Leave on for 10-15 minutes, rinse off with warm water.  Recommended: Weekly for dry skin.  More often for oily skin.

Once I rinse the mask from my face, my skin feels a little smoother but not tremendously conditioned or clean and the dryness on my nose does not feel soothed in the least.  There is a slight moisture I can feel on my skin but after applying the rest of my skincare I don’t notice anything real different with my skin.  And like I mentioned, I’ve been using this for a little while and have not seen an improvement in my skin.

Ingredients from the back of the bottle

Ingredients on the back of the bottle

One thing I noticed immediately was the smell of this mask.  It smells like plastic and soap–super artificial.  That makes me question putting it on my face and letting it set there for 15 minutes.  I could do without the scent of it…seriously….why can’t everything just smell like cake?!

Since this mask leaves behind a slight moisture I am beginning to wonder if it would be better to shave with in the shower.  Just a thought.

To wrap up, I don’t think I would recommend this mask.  My face felt slightly more moisturized but it did not improve my skin over time.  The scent was definitely a huge mark against it.  But that just means I’ll need to keep an eye out at the Dollar Tree for more masks to test out.

Rating: This gets 2 out of 5 cups of coffee

2 Cups of Coffee

Thanks for reading!


Dollar Tree Review: L.A. Colors Color Craze Gel Extreme Shine Gel-Like Polish

LA Colors Gel-Like Extreme Shine Nail Polish

Woah, that’s a long name.  But hooray for another Dollar Tree Review! I went to the Dollar Tree for some laundry detergent and of course I had to meander down the makeup aisle.  I found a display of the most adorable little bottles of L.A. Colors nail polish.  These are not specifically a Dollar Tree company made product but are sold at Dollar Tree. They are 0.17 fl oz bottles of a few different colored nail polishes that claim to be “gel-like” and “extreme shine.”  Now I will be honest and say that I did not expect much from this nail polish but I am pleasantly surprised. Is that my motto for things I purchase at the Dollar Tree?

I will mention that lately I have been appreciating smaller bottles of nail polish because I don’t go through nail polish often…or at all.  So I like that these are little, especially because I was going in with the experience of the other L.A. Colors nail polish which isn’t bad but not the best.  So I didn’t want a huge bottle of nail polish was just ok.  Welp.  I really like this stuff.

I’m going to say right now that I used a top coat with this polish.  It has become habit at this point and I feel that my nails are not done until they have a nice top coat on them.  So that may contribute to the longevity the polish on my nails but let’s be real–when a nail polish sucks, no top coat helps it on my nails.

Lets talk about the claims of these little adorable bottles of lovely.

LA Colors Nail Polish - On the Shelf

The display claims:

  1. No light needed
  2. Removes easily
  3. Intense color
  4. Professional quality flat brush
  5. Wears like a polish, shines like a gel

So obviously there’s no light needed since it’s not actually a gel polish.  It dried a lot faster than other nail polish in the same price range but I’m impatient and that’s part of the reason why I absolutely need a top coat.  But I was surprised how fast it was drying and it removes like a regular nail polish–so check and check!

L.A. Colors Gel-Like Nail Polish in Gleaming

Two coats of Gleaming before top coat

L.A. Colors Gel-Like Nail Polish in Gleaming

After top coat – I know it’s messy…I’m not a professional


The dark red color called “Gleaming” was quite patchy upon application but really pigmented.  I only used two coats and I really love the color.   It’s still a little patchy after two coats but the top coat–another great reason to use a top coat–leveled it out some.   Today I applied the other color I purchased called Bedazzle (LOVE the name) and it was surprisingly  even and pigmented after the first coat.  I only needed two coats for it to be completely opaque.  I’m not sure if Bedazzle is the best color for my skin tone but it’s still really pretty.

After two coats and top coat

After two coats and top coat

Now, the professional, flat brush claim is not true.  With these little shooters, the brush is a typical brush, not flat.  In doing some research online (heh, research) these seem to be the minis of this specific polish.  So those may have that flat brush but these do not, yet on the display at Dollar Tree it says they do.

L.A. Colors Gel-Like Nail Polish in Gleaming

After 6 days – left hand

After 6 days - right hand

After 6 days – right hand

Like I have been saying again and again, I used a top coat. But, I will say that my nails look glossier than usual.  Even before the top coat my nails looked quite shiny when they were almost dry.  As for the wear-time, I think it was that of a standard nail polish for me.  Not amazing but decent. –especially for a dollah.  After a day I had a chip but that’s because I slammed my finger in a drawer…so that wasn’t the nail polish’s fault (it was the evil evil drawer’s fault…I’m still bitter about it).  After about 6 days of wear I definitely needed to redo my nails but it could have been worse.  My left had had quite a bit of chipping but the right hand just looked worn away at the tips.

When I search these online, these little square bottles do not show up.  So maybe these are special for the Dollar Tree?  I don’t know for sure so don’t quote me on that.  Online the larger bottles range from $2 – $7.00.  Now of course you get more product but this is more than the regular nail polish line.  Don’t pay $7 for these. Don’t.  After my experience I would stick with the Dollar Tree bottles and price unless there is  specific color you would like.  I think these are great for the price but I’m so frugal when it comes to spending money on nail polish.

Despite some chips and patchiness I enjoyed using both colors I purchased. I would rate these 3.5 avocados out of 5:3.5 Avocado

I’m so glad I picked these up and will for sure be wearing them more.

Dollar Tree Review: Pump Dispenser

Dollar Tree Review Pump DispenserI have another Dollar Tree review I am super excited about.  I found these little pump dispensers a few weeks ago and have been using them daily.    If you are not familiar with these kinds of pumps, they are very convenient when it comes to soaking a cotton ball or cotton pad with toner, nail polish remover, micellar water…it’s awesome.

In order to dispense product you take your cotton pad or whatever you’re using and push down on the flatish area and the product comes from the middle.  These are 5.4 oz and the pump is easy to twist off to refill the container.   These are especially handy if you’re a person that likes to buy a product in bulk.  With these little pumps you can refill as needed and not have a massive bottle sitting on your counter-top or wherever.

I have been using these for a few weeks like I mentioned and so far so good.  I have two: one for micellar water and another for nail polish remover.  Both have been working great for me but I really wanted to test them thoroughly before reviewing them.  The only thing I’ve noticed with the dispenser I use for nail polish remover is that it’s recently started to leak a little bit.  This leak is not coming from the part that screws back onto the container but from the pump on top.  I have been unusually rough with this dispenser in that I have kept it on it’s side in a box that inevitably got thrown around when I moved.  I kept it on it’s side intentionally to see if it would leak and initially it didn’t.  Now it just kind of seeps into the top of the pump and leaks out Dollar Tree Review Pump Dispenser when tipped to the side.  Nothing major, just something to note that being rough may result in some kind of leak in the top but the dispenser is still completely usable.

The quality of the pump may be a question when it comes to Dollar Tree and I think the quality is very nice.  Not the highest quality pump of course but it’s made from a thicker plastic–not like those plastic food containers they sell that are quite flimsy.  This is comparable to a little bottle you would find in the travel section at Walmart if you know what I’m talking about.

I purchased these at Dollar Tree for one dollar plus tax.  They have a few different colors, I have a pink and a blue one.  I visited Dollar Tree today to see if they still had them in stock and they did in the beauty section.  I think these are definitely worth the dollar and have made getting nail polish remover and micellar water easier.

Thank you for reading!

Dollar Tree Review: Shea Butter Body Lotion

I finished off a bottle of the Shea Butter Body Lotion and would like to share my thoughts.  First let me explain to youDollar Tree Review Shea Butter Body Lotion how I am with lotion.  I love lotion.  I have a back stock of about 15 lotions and I’m perfectly fine with that.  I am also a little picky with the scents of my lotion in that I want it to act as my base perfume–as well as moisturize my skin.  I really appreciate it when I can smell my skin later in the day and it smells lovely like the lotion I applied earlier.  This is a huge reason why Bath and Body Works and I are besties.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by this lotion immediately.  I find that the lotions in Dollar Tree sometimes smell artificial and plastic-like.  But I remember when I smelled this lotion in the store, all of a sudden the lotion and I were at the check-out counter.  I’m not sure I would call it “Shea” scented but it smells fresh, clean, and similar to Shea.  It doesn’t have that plastic smell at all.  The scent clung to my skin nicely as well.  Not as long as other lotions such as Bath & Body and Vaseline but the scent did linger.

The consistency was interesting in that it squeezed out of the bottle as if it would be very thick and greasy but upon application to the skin it felt thin and not greasy at all.  It kept my skin moisturized in that I didn’t have any dry patches but I disliked the way it sat on my skin.  I realized this toward the end of the bottle but the lotion sat on top of my skin rather than sinking in all the way like it should.  Again, my skin was moisturized but it almost felt like a residue or something was left behind.

Dollar Tree Review Shea Butter Body Lotion-back of bottleI bought this months before I actually got through the bottle which may be reason enough for this next point on the consistency (it sometimes takes a while for me to use lotions….I have a lot of lotions ok?) but I found that there were little gritty bits in the lotion.  I am not sure if this is from the inside walls of the bottle from left over lotion that just solidified or if it was actually throughout the lotion.  At first I didn’t want to continue using the lotion because I was turned off by the bits but I wanted to see if I would get a rash from said bits.  I didn’t.  My skin isn’t overly sensitive but does have a reaction to some things such as cats, dogs, and random Victoria Secret lotions.  I was determined to find out of the lotion had gone bad in that time it sat in my collection.  I cannot say if it was expired or not–I’m pretty sure it wasn’t–but I feel like I’ve had lotions for way longer that don’t go bad or change in consistency.

In looking at the ingredients Shea butter is one of the last ingredients listed.  So it could be more prominent.  Either way I was impressed by this Shea Butter Body Lotion that I purchased for only $1.  Thank you for taking the time to read my review and please let me know what else I should review.

Dollar Tree Review: L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads – Strawberry Scented

LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads Strawberry ScentedWhen a person paints their nails as much as I do, it’s not uncommon that they would go searching for an alternative to conventional nail polish remover that dries the you-know-what out of your nails.  I decided to try the L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads with that in mind.  I got them at Target, hah just kidding, at Dollar Tree for $1.05, taxes.

These pads are very thin, which is how they fit so many in a little pot, 32 to be exact.  The ones I finished are strawberry scented.  The scent smells good but kind of artificial, but it’s tolerable and not overwhelming.  I was surprised by how saturated with product they were.  They stayed that saturated throughout the pot, even the very last few had plenty–just as much as the first few–of product.

I found they remove nail polish nicely but one pad only does two to three fingers before the oil–or whatever the substance is–on the pad gets too saturated with polish.  Once that happened I felt like I was pushing around watered down nail polish all over my nail and not L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover pad in actionactually getting the color off.  When this happens the oily nail polish substance also gets all over my fingers.  That is definitely an issue when I want to repaint my nails with a light color after just wearing dark blue nail polish.  The directions tell you to wash your hands after taking off the nail polish and that is definitely a must.  I would then take a small amount of regular nail polish remover over my nails to cleanse them of any oils before painting my nails.

I noticed that my cuticles were not as dry as usual while using the L.A. Colors nail polish remover pads.  I also felt a little better about painting my nails as often because my nails were not exposed to as much acetone this way.  I found I didn’t have to scrub much before the pad started to take off my nail polish (I use regular nail polish, not gel).

I will admit that while using this product I would always follow up with some acetone like I mentioned earlier so I cannot say if just washing one’s hands would be just as effective.  I’ve always thought that no matter how clean your hands are, using acetone to rid your nails of residue is a good idea to keep nail polish on the nails longer.

Information on back of pot

Information on back of pot

A pro is that these nail polish remover pads are a nice alternative to acetone because they are more moisturizing.  A con is that I had to use several pads to remove my nail polish and it’s a little messy with colorful oils all over my nail beds and fingers.

I plan on repurchasing these when I see them again.  If you can find these at Dollar Tree and are curious, I would suggest picking up one or two.  In looking at them on Amazon a pack of 6 HERE is a little under $8 and a single pot is priced at $4.50 – $6 HERE.  I don’t recall seeing any other scents than strawberry at Dollar Tree but online there are other scents such as grape, peach, and lemon. But they are not a dollah.


Thank you and let me know what you’re curious about at Dollar Tree, I’ll spend my dollar before you!

Dollar Tree Review: April Showers Cold Cream

Today, on Dollar Tree Review, I take a look at the April Showers Cold Cream.  I have used this product for a few weeks and have some thoughts on it. Call me naive or inexperienced but when I saw the name of the product as cold cream I immediately thought it to be some kind of vapor rub. Nope!April Showers Cold Cream

This tub is 8 oz and I bought it for $1.05. Taxes.  That’s quite a lot of product for a dollar. Online it’s out of stock HERE so if you’re super interested it’s always at Dollar Tree.

In reading the back of the product it says it “cleanses the skin of dirt and makeup.”  It is a white and creamy consistency and really just looks and feels like lotion.  The scent is not bad but not my favorite–it smells fresh, powdery, and clean.  The scent is not overpowering at all but as you know, sickly sweet scents are my jam.

Anyway, I did not quite know how I would use this product at first.  I only wear eye makeup and really wanted to test its ability to break down mascara.  First I tried taking some of the product and rubbing it all over my dry face as you would a normal face cleanser…without the water.  I concentrated it on my eyes especially but it just felt like I was rubbing lotion all over my face.  Kind of like I was in some weird comedy sketch about getting ready for a night out on Halloween or even a Mrs. Doubtfire throwback with a pie to the face (anyone?).

Specifically I didn’t feel as though my face was being cleansed but rather moisturized on top of dirty skin.  Is that an OCD thing or something that others understand?  It definitely was loosening up the makeup around my eyes indicated by the panda-like features I was acquiring.  Despite my eye makeup loosening I immediately started to wonder how on God’s lovely Earth I was going to rinse this lotion/cream off my face.  Some serious self-doubt set in.

Here were my options:
-Wipe with clean wash cloth
-Rinse with water
-Go in with real face cleanser
-All of the above

April Showers Cold CreamSo I didn’t want to waste a nice clean wash cloth–as suggested on the back of the tub–since doing laundry is time-consuming and expensive so I chose the face-in-sink method.  I rinsed with warm water but found it difficult to get the thick cream off my face.  I continued to rinse until I felt I got all of it off my face and honestly my skin felt soft and moisturized but not necessarily clean.  I felt that it needed a nice, thorough, rough, scrub.

Now, I use the cold cream as a first step to my face-washing routine.  I take a tiny amount and localize it on my eyes to loosen makeup.  This will sometimes create a mess that burns my eyes.  Now I don’t know if it is the product that burns my eyes or the makeup that the product is picking up, either way my eyes are burning.   The product definitely loosens my mascara and eyeliner but if I don’t want to completely dunk my face in some water it’s difficult to get out of my eyelashes and eyebrows.  I usually just follow up with some micellar water to clean my face but sometimes it’s not enough to get the cold cream mess off.

I will continue using this product until I finish the tub but I will not repurchase.   It is not a bad product but inconvenient for my facial cleansing needs.  Side note: while using this product, I have not seen any unusual breakouts or clogged pores…so that’s good.

Information on back of product:

“Cleanse without drying your skin and it leaves feeling soft, smooth and clean.  Removes make-up, mascara and hidden dirt.” Yes, that is word for word what it says on the back of the tub.

Directions: Gently massage over face and neck to loosen dirt and make-up.  Remove cream with a soft tissue or warm wash cloth.  Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients: water, mineral oil, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, tricaprin, beeswax, petrolatum, fragrance, sodium pca, ceteth-20, polysorbate 80, laureth-25, bht, methylparaben, propylparaben, dimethicone

It is made in China and is a Greenbrier International Inc. product.



Let me know what other products to review from the Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree Review: La Bella Provincia Aromatherapy Hand Creams

I’ve been using this two pack of La Bella Provincia Aromatherapy hand creams from Dollar Tree quite a bit and have some thoughts to share with you.  The blue one is called Calming & Relaxing Jasmine Lavender and the purple timage alskdube is called Balance and Breathe Peppermint Rosemary.  These hand creams are seriously adorable, coming in at 1 oz each.  They are infused with essential oils that are meant to help with mood and relaxation.

Upon application the lotion feels slightly thick like a regular hand cream but once rubbed into the hands it’s not greasy at all.  Such a plus! My hands feel slightly more moisturized after application but they don’t stay feeling soft.  My hands are the ultimate test in these dry months.  They are (correction: were, I got my life together and put some heavy duty lotion on last night) rough and chapped and need[ed] some serious moisturizing.  These hand creams sunk into my skin nicely but I did not see my skin improve even when using them all day.  My skin would temporarily feel softer and then maybe 15 minutes later I felt that I needed to apply more.

Rosemary PeppermintThe scents of each hand cream smell quite medicinal and not really my cup of tea.  The Peppermint Rosemary is definitely more medicinal smelling than the Jasmine Lavender.  I wouldn’t say that they smell bad just very potent.  The scent lingers a little bit but not so much that you worry you will spend the rest of your life smelling like an herbal tea.  I am more attracted to sweet, vanilla scents rather than herbal or floral.

In looking at the ingredients on the back the essential oils are the last ingredient making me think that they are the least predominant ingredient (that’s a thing right?).  But also keep in mind that when using essential oils, very little is needed.  So in my opinion I think it’s a plus that the actual essential oils are in the hand cream.  For one dollah.

Jasmine LavenderPeppermint Rosemary IngredientsAs for the Calming and Relaxing and the Balance…ing and breathing aspect to the essential oils–I’m not sure it made a difference in my mood or relaxation at the end of the day.  When testing these creams I would use the Balance and Breathe during the day and the Calming and Relaxing at night before bed and I cannot tell you that it made me have less anxiety during the day or fall asleep faster at night.  I’ve never been one to use essential oils and smells to alter my mood–maybe I should start–but I did not find that these had an impact on me.Jasmine Lavender

To sum up, I think these hand creams are cute and may smell good to those that like a more herbal and medicinal scents.  They could even be a cute little gift for someone.  If you are looking for a light hand cream these are ideal because they sink into the hands so quickly.  If you are looking for something to combat super dry skin or help relieve some anxiety, I’m not sure these hand creams will do the trick.  I will continue to use them up because they fit well in my purse and hey, they were just a dollar.  I found them online HERE if you do not want to go to Dollar Tree but they are a little bit more expensive.

Let me know what items you’re curious about at the Dollar Tree.  Let me spend my dollar before you do!

Dollar Tree Review: Barbie Cotton Candy Hair Detangler

Dollar Tree Review: Barbie Cotton Candy Detanlger

First of all, I love sickly sweet things.  Cotton candy is one of favorite scents in general.  I’ve been consistently using my third bottle of the cotton candy scented Barbie Detangler.  This product is obviously marketed for younger people but I thoroughly enjoy it and I’m an adult…apparently.

This product is not produced by the Dollar Tree but it’s almost always on the shelves.  Thank you!

The cotton candy scent is sweet but not overwhelming.  The scent does have that artificial undertone but it’s tolerable.  I’m usually very picky with scents when they smell artificial or like plastic-especially with lip products or lotions–but I can handle this one.  The scent does not linger in my hair and my shampoo and conditioner scents overpower it.  That may be a point against it for some but I don’t mind.

This third bottle I purchased has different packaging than the older bottles but it seems to be the same product in that the formula has not changed.  The packaging is super cute by the way.

Another thing to note is that the nozzle has a very nice spray that is fine but also disperses enough product to do the job.  Even on my mop of hair.

Dollar Tree Review: Barbie Cotton Candy Detanlger

I have long hair that likes to get tangled instantly.  When I get out of the shower my hair is a mission to go from jungle to waterfall.  This product helps in that it detangles nicely.  I will note that I use quite a bit of product each time.  The more Barbie, the merrier I am when combing out my hair.

Now don’t expect this product to compare to something like It’s  a 10 or other hair care items that claim to improve your hair’s texture and health.  It’s a 10 is a great product but very expensive.  The Dollar Tree option detangles my hair but doesn’t offer any other benefits.  For example I do not see my hair being softer or stronger while using Barbie.  I’m not saying my hair is dry and tangled, just not improved.

Dollar Tree Review: Barbie Cotton Candy DetanlgerI bought it at Dollar Tree, of course, for $1.00 plus tax which got me 8 oz of product.  That’s a great deal compared to other places online such as Amazon where one to three bottles range roughly from $9 to $12 from what I could find.  Here is a link to those more expensive places if you’re interested: Barbie Hair Detangler.

This Barbie Detangler is a great product especially for $1.  I use it on my hair and I’m sure that it could motivate a stubborn Barbie-loving kid into thinking bathing is fun.

Let me know which Dollar Tree item you want reviewed next!