Something A Little Different

Hello all!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this random blog and what I want it to be.  I throw ideas at my friend hoping they’re not terrible or boring.   I played with the idea of having a “real life” aspect to this blog that isn’t just makeup and lotion and yummy smelling things.  I know that when I watch a tv show I want some depth and not just fluff (unless it’s marshmallow fluff, I always want that).

Life isn’t easy and my life has only scratched the surface of being difficult.  But I don’t want someone with a problem to think that their problem doesn’t matter or is not big enough.  It’s common now to see someone on the internet telling crazy stories that make their life seem so exciting and dramatic.  Sometimes it’s good to have a normal life.

So in sharing more about my life and making this blog more than just using up lotion, I hope to relate to someone on a completely normal life level.  I mean honestly, no one’s life is normal.  Everyone has something interesting about themselves.

Basically I’m trying to say there will be more to come that is quite different from what I’ve been doing.  And more of what I have been doing.   (I’m talking like this blog is huge when it’s the size of a grain of sand).   Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this pano from the top of Aspen Mountain.