Dollar Tree Review: L.A. Colors Color Craze Gel Extreme Shine Gel-Like Polish

LA Colors Gel-Like Extreme Shine Nail Polish

Woah, that’s a long name.  But hooray for another Dollar Tree Review! I went to the Dollar Tree for some laundry detergent and of course I had to meander down the makeup aisle.  I found a display of the most adorable little bottles of L.A. Colors nail polish.  These are not specifically a Dollar Tree company made product but are sold at Dollar Tree. They are 0.17 fl oz bottles of a few different colored nail polishes that claim to be “gel-like” and “extreme shine.”  Now I will be honest and say that I did not expect much from this nail polish but I am pleasantly surprised. Is that my motto for things I purchase at the Dollar Tree?

I will mention that lately I have been appreciating smaller bottles of nail polish because I don’t go through nail polish often…or at all.  So I like that these are little, especially because I was going in with the experience of the other L.A. Colors nail polish which isn’t bad but not the best.  So I didn’t want a huge bottle of nail polish was just ok.  Welp.  I really like this stuff.

I’m going to say right now that I used a top coat with this polish.  It has become habit at this point and I feel that my nails are not done until they have a nice top coat on them.  So that may contribute to the longevity the polish on my nails but let’s be real–when a nail polish sucks, no top coat helps it on my nails.

Lets talk about the claims of these little adorable bottles of lovely.

LA Colors Nail Polish - On the Shelf

The display claims:

  1. No light needed
  2. Removes easily
  3. Intense color
  4. Professional quality flat brush
  5. Wears like a polish, shines like a gel

So obviously there’s no light needed since it’s not actually a gel polish.  It dried a lot faster than other nail polish in the same price range but I’m impatient and that’s part of the reason why I absolutely need a top coat.  But I was surprised how fast it was drying and it removes like a regular nail polish–so check and check!

L.A. Colors Gel-Like Nail Polish in Gleaming

Two coats of Gleaming before top coat

L.A. Colors Gel-Like Nail Polish in Gleaming

After top coat – I know it’s messy…I’m not a professional


The dark red color called “Gleaming” was quite patchy upon application but really pigmented.  I only used two coats and I really love the color.   It’s still a little patchy after two coats but the top coat–another great reason to use a top coat–leveled it out some.   Today I applied the other color I purchased called Bedazzle (LOVE the name) and it was surprisingly  even and pigmented after the first coat.  I only needed two coats for it to be completely opaque.  I’m not sure if Bedazzle is the best color for my skin tone but it’s still really pretty.

After two coats and top coat

After two coats and top coat

Now, the professional, flat brush claim is not true.  With these little shooters, the brush is a typical brush, not flat.  In doing some research online (heh, research) these seem to be the minis of this specific polish.  So those may have that flat brush but these do not, yet on the display at Dollar Tree it says they do.

L.A. Colors Gel-Like Nail Polish in Gleaming

After 6 days – left hand

After 6 days - right hand

After 6 days – right hand

Like I have been saying again and again, I used a top coat. But, I will say that my nails look glossier than usual.  Even before the top coat my nails looked quite shiny when they were almost dry.  As for the wear-time, I think it was that of a standard nail polish for me.  Not amazing but decent. –especially for a dollah.  After a day I had a chip but that’s because I slammed my finger in a drawer…so that wasn’t the nail polish’s fault (it was the evil evil drawer’s fault…I’m still bitter about it).  After about 6 days of wear I definitely needed to redo my nails but it could have been worse.  My left had had quite a bit of chipping but the right hand just looked worn away at the tips.

When I search these online, these little square bottles do not show up.  So maybe these are special for the Dollar Tree?  I don’t know for sure so don’t quote me on that.  Online the larger bottles range from $2 – $7.00.  Now of course you get more product but this is more than the regular nail polish line.  Don’t pay $7 for these. Don’t.  After my experience I would stick with the Dollar Tree bottles and price unless there is  specific color you would like.  I think these are great for the price but I’m so frugal when it comes to spending money on nail polish.

Despite some chips and patchiness I enjoyed using both colors I purchased. I would rate these 3.5 avocados out of 5:3.5 Avocado

I’m so glad I picked these up and will for sure be wearing them more.

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