Dollar Tree Review: Facial Mask

Dollar Tree Review Facial Mask

So I was wandering around in Dollar Tree, since that’s one of my favorite past times and while I was in the kitchen area I realized I wanted to see if there was a facial mask I could try.  I don’t know why kitchen utensils and sponges reminded me of my desire to have perfect skin.  Of course there was a mask!  I found a facial mask that has Vitamin E and Lavender oil extract.  The front also says that the mask cleanses and conditions.  I have been testing this out for a few weeks and have a few thoughts I want to share.

Like I have mentioned in another post, my skin is normal to combination.  I have dry places on my face, like my nose, and oily places like my forehead and chin.  I don’t have acne besides random zits but I do like masks to improve the texture of my skin.  So when I read cleansing and conditioning I was definitely interested!

Dollar Tree Review - Face Mask - textureThe consistency seems thick initially but when it’s rubbed all over the skin it’s actually not that thick.  I wouldn’t use the word thin, but it’s easy to spread across the skin.  The directions on the back of the bottle say to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes.  It doesn’t set or dry on the face and feels slightly cooling when applied.  And I don’t think that’s due to a specific ingredient but due to putting something wet on the face…if that makes sense.

The directions on the back of the bottle are:

Apply masque to face, avoiding eyes and lips.  Leave on for 10-15 minutes, rinse off with warm water.  Recommended: Weekly for dry skin.  More often for oily skin.

Once I rinse the mask from my face, my skin feels a little smoother but not tremendously conditioned or clean and the dryness on my nose does not feel soothed in the least.  There is a slight moisture I can feel on my skin but after applying the rest of my skincare I don’t notice anything real different with my skin.  And like I mentioned, I’ve been using this for a little while and have not seen an improvement in my skin.

Ingredients from the back of the bottle

Ingredients on the back of the bottle

One thing I noticed immediately was the smell of this mask.  It smells like plastic and soap–super artificial.  That makes me question putting it on my face and letting it set there for 15 minutes.  I could do without the scent of it…seriously….why can’t everything just smell like cake?!

Since this mask leaves behind a slight moisture I am beginning to wonder if it would be better to shave with in the shower.  Just a thought.

To wrap up, I don’t think I would recommend this mask.  My face felt slightly more moisturized but it did not improve my skin over time.  The scent was definitely a huge mark against it.  But that just means I’ll need to keep an eye out at the Dollar Tree for more masks to test out.

Rating: This gets 2 out of 5 cups of coffee

2 Cups of Coffee

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